TV mini-series in development

In 1952 Soviet-controlled Czechoslovakia Jo’s life collapses when her devout communist husband is unjustly imprisoned by their comrades.
What happens when she refuses to give up on him while he refuses to give up his beliefs?

Married to a respected communist party member in Soviet-aligned Czechoslovakia, Langer’s life begins to unravel when her husband is imprisoned for being a traitor. Intelligent and resourceful, Langer does everything within her power to save her husband and protect her children. Convictions is an intimate portrait of a young woman’s courage set within a grand historical narrative.

CONVICTIONS is a mini-series based on the best-selling memoir “Convictions: My Life With A Good Communist” by Jo Langer.



DIRECTOR  Tereza Nvotova

WRITER  Barbora Namerova, Tereza Nvotova

PRODUCERS  Vespucci group, PubRes

Convictions are being developed at MIDPOINT TV LAUNCH.