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Slovakia, February 2018. Jan and Martina – a young couple are at home, making wedding plans over dinner, when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Ján answers, and is immediately shot through the chest.
Several days later, Jan and Martina’s bodies are discovered, and the motive behind their murder couldn’t be more obvious. As an investigative journalist, Ján was exposing corruption at the highest levels of national politics – was it the mafia, not wanting to compromise its ties to the prime minister? Or a local businessman, playing politics of his own? And more importantly – how will the entire country respond? On its feet or on its knees?

This true crime miniseries follows both those on the side of the law and those without, creating a thrilling mosaic of a country where the powerful have long believed they can get away with murder, but perhaps this time, there’s been a miscalculation…


DIRECTED BY Tereza Nvotova


PRODUCED BY nutprodukcia

Development of the project is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

Our People received the best project award at Series Mania 2024.




CINEUROPA Interview with Tereza Nvotová and Miro Šifra