feature film in pre-production

The Nightsiren is a drama set in the wild Slovak mountains. It tells the story of what it takes to be free if you don’t follow a conventional path.

A mysterious woman returns to her mountain village home to confront her painful past. Trying to uncover the long-buried truth, the local villagers accuse her of murder and witchcraft.

The second feature of writer-director-producer team behind “Filthy” is based on beliefs still alive in the countryside of modern Slovakia. It deals with pressing issues in today’s world – fear and superstition which go hand in hand with misogyny and racism.



DIRECTOR  Tereza Nvotova

WRITER  Barbora Namerova, Tereza Nvotova

PRODUCERS  BFILM, moloko film, Senorita Films



Eurimages Development Award 2018


The Nightsiren is being developed at Scripteast lab.

The development of the project was financially supported by Czech Film Fund and by Literary Fund.

It is presented at co-production forums MIA in Rome and AGORA CROSSROADS in Thessaloniki at TIFF59.

The Nightsiren won Eurimages Development Award at Rome’s MIA: Interview

MIA|Cinema: Eurimages Award to “The Nightsiren”


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